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Join us at to share your concerns about the most innumerate man in darts, aka the Portuguese Man of Scores, aka The Special One, aka Joey Deez, aka Joey Soda, José de Sousa.

Jose will hit his 100th maximum of the season when on 182 to leave 2 after nine darts against the throw in the decider of the final against Jonny Clayton. Clayton takes out 25 in two darts to win the title with an 11 darter.

— Weekly Dartscast (@WeeklyDartscast) April 22, 2021

Just too good not to GIF...

Caption competition PLEASE 😂

— PDC Darts (@OfficialPDC) April 7, 2021

It lost him the leg.

It could lose him this match.

And in a few weeks' time, that might be the difference between finishing 5th (£70k) or reaching the playoffs and potentially winning £250k#TheCalculatorDerby

— Dan Dawson (@DanDartsDawson) April 7, 2021

If you've no idea what score you're on, what score you need, or what to throw at next, I suppose it doesn't matter if you play on T20, T19 or T18 really.

— Dan Dawson (@DanDartsDawson) April 7, 2021

The fella needs an abacus for sure 😁

— Kevin Painter (@OfficialKP180) April 7, 2021

Jose has gone full Razma

— Dan Dawson (@DanDartsDawson) April 7, 2021

José de Sousa is the GIF that keeps on GIFfing.

— FDI (Darts Orakel Form Rankings) (@FDI_Index) April 7, 2021

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